Lawn Service

Ongoing Lawn/Turf Maintenance: At least once per week we will check your lawn/turf areas for maintenance needs and immediately perform all necessary services. Every client receives a copy of the same standard operating procedures and checklist that we use to train lawn maintenance workers. In addition to standard services, we offer many additional tasks and check ups each service including but not limited too; litter policing, yard pick-up, pet waste disposal, grill cleanouts, utility cleaning, siding/structure clearing, door mat cleaning, trash can curb service, minor turf repair, irrigation system checks, and fertilizing/weed control. By far we offer the most extensive service by combining many other regular tasks rewarding our clients with the most value with every service, and completing any specific tasks you request.

Annual Lawn Care:Beyond regular weekly maintenance, we also offer additional lawn care services to improve not only the look of your lawn, but also exponentially increases your lawns response to any treatments or turf improvement programs. DeThatching, Aeration, and rolling all improve the curb appeal of your lawn and overall health of the entire ecosystem supporting your lawn.

Turf Improvement Program/Fertilizing and Weed Control: We offer fertilizing and weed control through a basic 4 step program with 2 applications in spring, one in mid-late summer, and a final application in fall before winter starts. This standard “weed and feed” program has proven the most effective way that you can drastically improve a struggling lawn when combined with regular weekly maintenance. Instead of trying to battle the weeds once they have infested your lawn, just include our basic Turf improvement program along with our regular maintenance to improve and protect/strengthen your lawn starting first thing this Spring!

Lawn/Turf Repair and Installation: Main Lawn and Landscape includes a one year warranty with every lawn installation. After identifying what you need to establish a proper seed bed, we offer anything from simple “Seed n Straw” lawns, through Hydroseed, and sod installations. We only use Spartan Grade A Premium Lawn seed for both seeding and hydroseeding. We can provide you multiple quotes for each procedure based on the total square-feet of coverage you need.

Irrigation System maintenance and installation: Before installing your new lawn, we always recommend installing an irrigation system with water sensors which automatically applies the most efficient amount of water and ensures you a strong and healthy lawn throughout the dry season. Avoid replacing a newly installed lawn or protect your existing lawn with the latest low maintenance and user friendly irrigation system. We will design, install, and maintain your system as a part of your lawn maintenance agreement. During each weekly lawn service we will check and adjust your irrigation system making sure everything is correctly dialed in and operational. We can repair and replace any damaged sprinklers, connections, or pipe we find during our weekly checks.