Landscape Service

Signature Gardens: Try some of our favorite themes including “Pink and Purple Paradise”, “Knockout Nooks”, “Never Ending Evergreen”, or show your school spirit with a “Spartan Garden”, “Wolverine Wildflower Garden” or any color combination through hardiness proven native Michigan plants.

Ornamental Tree – Plant – Shrub Installation: Every member of our crew has at least one hour of class room training on the proper procedures and planning necessary for each ornamental installation.  As simple as it seems, as professionals we take tremendous pride and care when integrating a new ornamental tree/plant/shrub into an existing landscape, or installing dozens as a new build installation. We definitely understand how important many different steps are in the process of planting, and we check to make sure our installations are nothing short of perfect each and every time.

Ornamental Tree – Plant – Shrub Care: This includes identifying and properly maintaining all of the tree/plant/shrubs on your property (pruning, trimming, dead-heading) and usually included as a part of a Spring or Fall Cleanup. Keeping all windows, walkways, and entrances clear of excess growth not only looks much cleaner, but allows for increased visibility through windows and provides a safer path for foot traffic. Properly maintaining (pruning/trimming/dead-heading) your ornamental Tree/Plant/Shrubs around your home also helps identify and remove any security concerns, and keeps overgrowth from damaging the outer walls of your home. We remove all the clippings along with any additional debris including leaves, sticks, or anything littering your ornamental mulch beds. All of the debris we remove is sorted and composted.

Ornamental Landscape Design & Installation: Main Lawn and Landscape takes everything into account when designing your ornamental beds and total landscape package of features including adequate drainage and erosion prevention through future plant variety maturation effects. We take the time to bring your vision to life with practical foresight and future maintenance expectations delivering both the form and function our clients enjoy. Many of our customers have us itemize their project into “Phases” so they can build their landscape at a comfortable pace. Any one of our clients would agree that we work with them to ensure their whole experience from the free estimate through the final walk through meets or exceeds their expectations. Our team of professionals holds client satisfaction in the highest regard, where creating lifelong clients distinguishes the difference between our chosen career path, and our competitors “winning bid” comprising their collection of accounts. Either upgrade and improve an existing landscape, or install the perfect features to highlight your newly acquired property with a new build landscape installation we can do it all!

Bed Edging Installation: Any physical barrier between different materials using “Black Jack” plastic/composite edging, Aluminum, Bring/Block, lumber, or “natural edging cutting between sod and mulch beds (for example) effectively keeping any mulch out of the lawn and vice versa.

Privacy Barriers: Anything from organic barriers, shrub/tree barriers; stone, wood, or pre-fabricated walls and fencing. We understand the value of privacy and the need for inconspicuous privacy barrier planning.

Water Feature Installation & Maintenance: This includes PONDS, WATERFALLS, DRY/WET CREEK BEDS, or any outdoor water feature we can custom design, install, and help you maintain all year long. We install and maintain lined or unlined features ranging from small coi ponds through ponds measuring several acres across. You can avoid the labor intensive maintenance you would normally need to keep your water features running safely, smoothly, and maintaining the proper ecosystems keeping your pest mess to a minimum. Sign up with MLL and we will take care of all the scheduled chemical and/or physical procedures necessary for worry free enjoyment of any size water feature.

Other Common Services & Installation We Offer:

  • Site Grade & Regrading
  • Garden Tilling
  • Pest Control (Moles, Insects, Etc.)
  • Invisible Pet Fence Installation & Repair
  • Driveway Resurfacing (Including Leveled and Compacted Gravel, Crushed Limestone, Crushed Asphalt)
  • Weeding
  • Extended Weed Control Spray or Pre-Emergent Application
  • Delivery of Common Landscape Materials (Mulch, Shredded Barb, Dyed / Processed / Natural Wood Chips, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Beach / Mortar / Fill Sand, Gravel, Limestone Gravel, Crushed Asphalt, Pro-Soil, Potting Soil, Our Special Compost Mix, 1/2″ – 4″ Michigan Stone Mulch, 5″ – 36″ Michigan Stone Boulders / Fieldstone)