Hardscape Service


Labyrinth: Whether you like geo-glyphs or spiritual gardens, Main Lawn and Landscapes will assist in representing your beliefs respectably with dedicated craftsmanship.


hardscapePrivate Patio Enclosure: Enjoy conspicuous privacy without the use of fencing or walls with the use of organic seclusion.



Hardscapes: Patio’s, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Raised Beds, Fire Pits are any landscape feature you can dream of using landscape bring, block, or borders available on the market. Or go with a more natural look using natural stones like flagstone, outcroppings, or boulders. We have many local builds you can reference our work from, we can design exactly what integrates best with your property, or integrate/change your property according to the hardscape features you want! Anything is possible, we can offer you many different design options using stone or cement based hardscape products. Hardscapes reflect a “Forever” feeling of long lasting strength, as well as the purpose and complexity of foresight that all stonework demands. By far hardscapes are our favorite features we install because they capture our effort and craftsmanship forever, for you to enjoy long after our crew leaves, and adding the most value to our property.

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