Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you and if you have any questions about any service or charges please feel free to contact Ted Main at ANY TIME! Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you!

How You Pay is How You Can SAVE!

  1. Pay per service(maintenance)/phase of installation or construction(landscape) For outdoor maintenance (Lawn maintenance/spring and fall cleanups/snow removal) and landscape projects (Anything from tree installation to patio’s and retaining walls to lawn repair and total lawn installations). We quote you a price and you can either be charged immediately following your service, or for the larger projects we ask for 50% down as a deposit on services, and then the remaining 50% UPON THE DAY OF COMPLETION. We offer Senior Citizen, Veteran, and Student Discounts along with our already competitive rates, and we will beat any WRITTEN ESTIMATE for the same service(s) and materials.
  2. Pay per month during the season – Seasonal maintenance agreements For lawn maintenance (Spring/Summer/Fall) and snow removal (winter) you are invoiced for the sum of services PRIOR to that month. MLL includes your discount in your per service charges with your Seasonal agreement. Our Seasonal agreements require a one month deposit on services (4 regular services) applied during the last month of service in the season.
  3. Pay per month for a year – Annual maintenance agreements For combined Lawn and Snow customers this includes the service we put into the agreement and they have a set monthly payment no matter how many times we mowed or did snow removal, paying the same amount every month for a year or 12 (Twelve) equal payments. This really helps the customer when there is a winter storm they don’t have to worry about their monthly charges increasing during the holiday season. This also helps the lawn customers in the spring when the grass needs to be mowed twice a week sometimes, especially after fertilizing, and spreads the cost out over a year. This would be discounted up to 14% from the per service charges. The number of services is based on the last ten years of average snow storms requiring service, and the average number of weeks of lawn maintenance in the Michigan climate in the last ten years.
  4. Pay everything up front savings of up to 25% off the full quoted price of the services in the agreement, or if we normally to do half down, half upon completion, this is a less costly alternative. (This benefits both the customer with budget concerns and MLL’s overhead) So you could potentially save up to 25% on maintenance charges, whether it be mowing, snow removal, or spring/fall cleanups, or a larger landscape installation IF YOU PAID IN FULL up front. Every service, material, and procedure is still guaranteed as specified in your agreement, nothing changes except the payment schedule (one time up front) and HOW MUCH YOU SAVE!.

Below are examples of each payment option

Mr. X is quoted $50 PER SERVICE for mowing or snow removal, mailing a check for $50 every week to continue service when our schedule permits. Or, if he agreed to use MLL all season (Seasonal contract/8 consecutive monthly payments), his monthly invoice would be as low as $175 (Four regular services), saving him about 14% per service with a Seasonal Agreement and paying once per month during the lawn maintenance season. Here Mr. X is on a maintenance route guaranteeing service at least once per week.

Or, if Mr. X is a lawn and snow customer, he is put on a route ensuring he gets service once a week or more for lawn maintenance, and before 9am for snow removal during a storm. He is sent an invoice for $192.00 every month for a year (12 monthly payments) covering both his lawn and snow charges no matter how much it snows or how many times we mowed the lawn. For combined lawn and snow customers with annual maintenance agreements Mr. X pays for both lawn and snow maintenance once per month for a year (Annual maintenance agreement)

Or, if he wanted to pay everything up front in the Spring he would pay $1,312.00 and be serviced throughout the mowing season (approximately 35 services including double cuts in the spring and skipped services in the drier summer months) saving him over $400.00 per year or approximately 25% off his quoted per service charges with a seasonal agreement. If Mr. X is a combined lawn and snow customer he pays $2,312.00 for both lawn and snow removal for the entire lawn maintenance season and snow removal season in one up front payment.

In addition to paying for everything up front, Mr. X could combine all of the maintenance services we can offer him including Spring and Fall Cleanups, Lawn Maintenance, and Snow Removal. We would add the total dollar amount of all of these estimates based on the last ten years of Michigan climate and discount the per service charges and either divide them along a 12 month payment plan discounted up to 14%, or a one time payment for everything discounted up to 25%!!! That could save the average residential customer hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year!

There is no change in the quality of service, the quantity of service(s), the amount of materials, or the time it takes us to complete the services or projects. The only thing that changes is the payment schedule and the amount of money you save!. The easier it is for us to collect and cover our overhead and materials, the greater the discount you will get on the agreed upon service(s), materials, or entire project(s).

There are 4 ways to save yourself a lot of money by choosing MLL.

  1. Senior Citizen, Veteran, and Student Discounts
  2. Become a Seasonal Customer hiring MLL for lawn maintenance (Spring, Summer, and Fall) or snow removal (Winter)
  3. Use MLL for BOTH lawn and snow maintenance services
  4. Choose the payment schedule that works best for you;
    1. Per Service agreements (Credit Card Required)
    2. Seasonal/Monthly Invoice agreements (Deposit Required)
    3. Pay ONCE UP FRONT (at the start of a season, for a project, or once a year for maintenance) for the greatest value!

We can also agree to do the classical payment plan of 50% down payment with 50% due upon THE DAY OF COMPLETION we just want to offer our customers with as many payment options as possible. We still give everyone a reasonable rate for our professional services, regardless of the payment plan. By choosing MLL, you are already getting the best quality for your dollar. If you ever have any questions or specific budget concerns about a project that you are planning on, please feel free to contact Ted Main at any time.

About your Invoice, Canceling Service & Deposit

  • All the dates of service are included in your invoice for your records
  • If you should choose to cancel service before your deposit matures, the remainder of your deposit minus the number of services will be refunded to you right away.
  • At any time after your deposit has matured and you want to cancel service, contact Ted Main right away and you will be invoiced that month for the number of services rendered at the original quoted price per service.
  • There are no hidden charges and ALL SERVICES WILL BE AUTHORIZED BY YOU BEFORE THEY ARE INITIATED along with any extra charges that may be issued. You will authorize and be aware of all services and their respective charges BEFORE WE SERVICE for EVERY SERVICE.
  • MLL will not service any property that has over 8 weeks of consecutive services without payment, unless payment arrangements have been made with TED MAIN. If you are over one month behind, MLL will discontinue service until you have made payment arrangements. We understand that bills can pile up and we are more than happy to work with you, but given the cost to MLL to service your lawn (labor, fuel, insurances, materials, etc.) we cannot loan out services past 8 weeks.
  • We take pride in our lawns and we want to make sure our customers know EXACTLY what we will be doing to maintain their property professionally. We will adapt any service agreement specifically for our customers orders. Lawns in Mid Michigan vary greatly and some lawns only need regular cuts every 2 weeks, while others cannot skip a week without requiring double cut the following week. Irrigation and fertilization are two very big factors that influence not only the health of your lawn, but the amount of service they require. Please feel free to consult MLL about your irrigation and fertilization programs available.

About your lawn in MID MICHIGAN

Please Read for definitions of DOUBLE CUTs, SKIPPED SERVICE, and LAWN HEALTH

  • If we do not service your lawn, we do not charge. For example, if you normally get mowed once a week and in July it gets really dry and your lawn doesn’t need to be mowed, we check the lawn and if we do not mow it, you do not pay for a service. During the Spring, however, sometimes we need to mow the lawns twice a week so unless stated in your service agreement, you may have more than one service a week and be charged accordingly.
  • Also, if you choose to have your lawn SERVICED ONLY ONCE A WEEK and the grass requires a DOUBLE CUT due to its overgrowth, you will be charged 1.5 times of your quoted price. Standard practices in turf management advise for the health of the lawn and the life of commercial mowers, that AT MOST 1/3 of the total length of the grass should be removed at once. Michigan lawns usually require double cuts in the first month of spring, but also do not need any service when it gets dry in July or August, so it all evens out throughout the season. The average number of services for a Mid Michigan lawn in the last 15 years is about 35 regular mows per season.

How We Make Your Lawn Healthy and Looking Great

MLL uses the standards and practices of turf management to improve the health of your lawn, making it look great! We always make sure we have an open line of communication with the homeowner who might clue us in to the history of the lawn and warn us of any hazards.

  • DEBRIS/TRASH PICKUP – Every service we check the lawn for debris, organic and trash, and pick up anything that might damage the cut, the machines, or clutter the lawn. After careful inspection we note any changes we might see from previous service dates and bring to attention any problems we see to the homeowner if needed.
  • CUTTING HEIGHT – When we cut the lawn we make sure we are cutting at the proper height (no more than 1/3 of the stalk removed at once) and run the mowers at a steady and strong speed. We advise all of our customers to cut at an average height of 3′′ (Three inches) during the spring and summer months. We then we reduce the cut height to 2.25′′ (Two and one quarter inches) in the fall to promote greater root strength during winter dormancy.
  • CLIPPINGS – All of our mowers are equipped with mulching blades that effectively mulch 90%­95% of the clippings back into the lawn. The excess clippings are taken with us to be composted or we can put them in your compost. We make sure not to blow clippings into any mulch beds or against any structures or vehicles.
  • LINE PATTERNS – Once everything has been outlined, we then begin our line pattern. Our line pattern is changed every service to promote the greatest strength of the stalk and for the healthy appearance of the grass blade. Changing line patterns also helps reduce the impaction of the soil where the tires ride on the turf. If you are serviced 4 times a month you should see up to 4 different line patterns; never the same 2 in a row. After mowing, we use a string trimmer to cut the areas that were not accessible by the mowers for an even cut throughout the lawn.
  • CLEANUP – After we are finished with all of the cutting and trimming, we use backpack blowers, brooms, and sometimes vacuums to clear all excess clipping from the hard surfaces. We then either blow them back into the lawn as mulch or take them with us if needed. During the Spring months it is sometimes necessary to bag the excess clippings and we offer that service for a small fee in addition to your regular charges.
  • EQUIPMENT/SAFETY – We service your lawn with the top of the line equipment in the turf management industry. MLL professionally maintains all of our zero turn mowers, trimmers, edgers, and blowers. Proper maintenance and training enables MLL employees to provide safe and quality service year after year. All of our drivers have a clean driving record and have attained a minimum of a Chauffeurs license. All of our service vehicles are registered with the USDOT as commercial lawn service and snow removal vehicles. We sharpen our blades daily, keep everything greased and running at full capacity, and with the health and safety of our customers, their property, MLL employees, and bystanders paramount during operation. Every MLL Team Member is trained in Turf Management by owner Ted Main who has been in the industry for over 15 years and is involved in and oversees daily operations.

Seasonal Maintenance Contracts – ­How they work!

  • Contact Ted Main via phone, email, or through the website and include the service you want (i.e. Lawn Care) your contact information, the address of the property to be serviced, and the billing address (if separate) and we will have a PER SERVICE estimate for you RIGHT AWAY (Usually within 24 hours or less).
  • We will send you a simple service agreement that includes:
    • Your per service charges, which is the same as the estimate given barring any additions or alterations you might have added.
    • The amount of the SERVICE DEPOSIT DUE (Only for Net 30 check paying clients for 4 services for lawn care)
    • Your payment schedule and what day of the month your balance is due (Invoices sent out monthly for services rendered) Credit card customers billed after each service.
    • That’s it! As soon as we receive a signed service agreement and a deposit on services (Net 30 check clients only), we begin service immediately!