Cleanup Service

Spring – Fall – Storm Cleanup: We can give you the same accomplished feeling you got after cleaning the inside of your home, Just call us and we will clean up any minor messes to the most massive accumulations. We will haul away your worry between seasons or after major storms.  We have the equipment for the big jobs and can finish the smaller jobs in about the same time as it takes to mow your lawn! We make it easy for you and we will itemize each service quote so you can pick the specific services you want included in you cleanup. We can customize your cleanup or we can really make everything shine from the roof to the roots with gutter/eaves trough and downspout cleaning, ornamental tree/plant/shrub care, ornamental bed maintenance and mulching, debris/leaf removal, power washing the house including outdoor window and light fixture cleaning, all outdoor structures, all outdoor furniture cleaning, and Tree trimming up to 40’ (Forty feet high).

Parking Lot Maintenance: We keep the parking area’s clear of trash and debris for a perfectly clean area for your clients to park. At least once a week we make sure all water drains are free and clear, and we sweep up any excess dirt or debris that traffic brings in. In addition, we can help re-animate your parking lot by applying a fresh coat of paint to all area’s, or re-painting a new parking schematic according to code.